Where To Buy D&D Miniatures Bulk

Dungeons and Dragons have brought adventure to the tables of millions of homes across the world for a handful of generations. The popular game has allowed those with fantasy in their minds to recreate epic quests and discover new adventures without anything more than a board, paper, and pencils.

However, there is no better way to enjoy this classic game than with a set of miniatures. After all, your mind can only go so far when having to share a board with other players. Incorporating figurines is the best way to get like-minded adventurers to truly share the thrill of an adventure with each other.

Thankfully, the internet opens up a universe of possibilities that will make it easy for you to buy d&d miniatures cheap, so you can start your journey towards a tale of fantasy without the need for a massive budget.

In this article, we’re going to tell you all you need to know about buying D&D miniatures in bulk, the pros and cons of buying cheap D&D miniatures bulk, and why bulk miniatures could be the answer to all of your problems!

Lacking D&D Miniatures – Why It’s a Problem

The lack of D&D miniatures does not directly impact enjoying Dungeons and Dragons. In fact, we’ve been part of many campaigns where epic fights have been unleashed and countless monsters have been slain with nothing but the magic of our imagination being translated into with paper and pencil, and of course, with the help of our trusty dice.

There is no better way to play D&D than using miniatures, terrain, and gaming mats to help bring your imagination to life. That’s why in our opinions it’s better to play D&D with miniatures and a lack of figurines could result in a lower-quality experience for many players.

As we said, the modern world allows you to get your hands on some fantastic sets of D&D miniatures in bulk without having to overspend. Now, we’re going to show you our favorite sets to get yourself started!

Best Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures – Our Top Picks!

Every adventure needs a whole lot of figurines – especially if you want to make it a journey with a little bit of everything. A D&D game that only contains epic warriors could end up being quite an entertaining story nonetheless, but one that combines the mighty with the mundane will give your dungeon master’s imagination enough fuel to create a journey like no other.

Here are our top picks for the best D&D miniature bulk purchases that you can make if you’re looking to construct a set that will help you and your friends create countless stories of all sorts!

Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures – Mythical Heroes

Mythical Heroes Mini Figure Set for RPGs - 93 Pcs in 16 Designs - Heroes and Monsters - Suitable Size for DND

We’ve come across quite a variety of miniature packs since we started playing D&D, but as far as straightforwardness goes, we don’t think there’s a set better than this one to get you started. This amazing pack comes with all sorts of magical creatures to lay on your table, which include dragons, and even figures that could serve as your main characters if your party feels like it.

The set is made for you to paint over it, but the fact that they come in different colors is already quite practical on its own. You can jump straight into the action without painting, or you can customize them based on your own needs.

38 Miniatures Fantasy Set

38 Miniatures Fantasy Tabletop RPG Figures for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder Roleplaying Games. 28MM Scaled Miniatures, 10 Unique Designs, Bulk Unpainted, Great for D&D/DND

Eager to get your hands on a miniature set that comes with every D&D essential figure? This incredible set, which comes with 38 figures (10 styles and two colors), gives you enough characters and options to create an adventure worthy of any fantasy world.

Just a heads up, though: we would recommend this pack mostly of its NPC value. You’re not likely to find many characters worth using as party members, unless you fancy the archer or the mage that come with the pack. Paint these figures or use them raw – they look good either way!

Miniatures Guards Set

DND Guards Minis 25 Fantasy Miniatures for Tabletop/Dungeons and Dragons Roleplaying Games - Bulk Minis Unpainted- Figures Starter Set - Compatible with DND

Every D&D game needs guards – whether that is friendly NPCs or dangerous foes to overcome with your skills. This set comes mostly with human guards, but you’ll also find a couple of ogres to spice things up if needed.

Pick the weak-looking ones to serve as cannon fodder or low-health enemies and get the stronger guards to protect those seemingly unreachable areas if you’re a dungeon master yourself. You’ll love the versatility that this guard set brings. They’re also pretty well crafted and have a smooth surface. We find them really easy to paint.

Wildspire Miniatures

Wildspire 24 Miniatures Town Enemies for DND Monster Miniatures 28mm Fantasy RPG Army Men Soldiers Pack - 8 Unique Characters - D&D Miniatures Bulk Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures | for DND Figures

Every campaign needs its fair share of standard foes – especially those with a party that’s just getting started. This pack brings you the types of enemies that you expect to find in farms and weak dungeons, as well as a couple of characters that could pass as medium-level foes if required.

The miniatures don’t come with too many unnecessary features and seem very easy to paint, too. We would say that this is one of the best D&D miniatures bulk packs that you can buy if you-re just getting started. Get it and let your imagination run wild!

D&D Figurines In Bulk – Why You Should Buy Them

Getting a D&D miniature bulk is an easy way to get yourself started in the world of dungeons and dragons or an even better way to spice up your D&D campaigns. Even so, buying D&D miniature bulk packs may not seem like the best idea for some – especially for those that are looking for a completely immersive and unique experience.

Of course, when buying a D&D miniature bulk you won’t have the ability to create a fully unique experience and you’ll have to rely on a pre-made pack to craft your adventure – even more so if you’re just getting started and lack other figures. There are still many benefits that come with buying in bulk, though! Here are the main reasons why we recommend it.

It’s Cheaper than Buying Individually

Individual miniatures may be much more detailed than the ones you find in bulk sets, but let’s face it: sometimes we need a whole lot of NPCs or simply a broader collection of new characters for our adventures that, if bought individually, would cost us upwards of $500.

Buying D&D miniatures in bulk will allow you to save a lot of money while still growing your collection by the dozen for every $10 you spend. Sure, you may need to spend some extra time painting, but that’s not necessary if you don’t feel like it. Just get those D&D miniature bulk purchases going and watch how armies rise without having to overspend!

You Don’t Need Experience to Build a Set

Some of us can be extremely picky when it comes to growing our D&D collections, but that pickiness is something that comes with time. When you’re first starting out, getting a set of cheap d&d miniatures and starting to grow your collection is a fantastic idea. You don’t need any experience or knowledge, after all, since you’re buying pre-made sets.

You can simply set up your adventures and adapt them to the bulk figures that you buy. It’s not hard to do, as most creatures are quite generic and easily adaptable to any scenario.

D&D Miniatures Bulk Purchases are Great to Start Quickly

Let’s face it: not everyone has the time, money, or patience required to craft the perfect D&D experience. Getting a cheap D&D miniatures bulk could be the best way to get started with a bunch of different figures even if you’re on a limited budget.

Even if you aren’t, though, buying bulks will allow you to pump your collection with a bunch of figures rather quickly – even if they are of a lower quality than custom-made ones or others that you buy separately. Don’t hesitate to buy D&D miniatures in bulk if you’re looking to get started quickly, though – there’s no better way to do it!

Bulk Miniatures Let Your Creativity Run Wild

The challenge of every dungeon master is to craft an adventure that will feel truly immersive for a party of players. Buying D&D figures in bulk could prove to be quite challenging if you’re looking to create a unique, immersive experience as a dungeons master, but at the same time, that extra challenge that you’ll give to your imagination could prove to be enough to craft an amazing adventure.

The downside of Buying Bulk D&D Miniatures

We’ve told you all about the benefits of buying bulk D&D miniature sets, but it’s time we look at some of the negatives as well:

  • Lacking Customization – As we mentioned before, buying in bulk limits you to a set of figurines that will have to be the ones that you’ll use for your campaigns. It’s better to buy in bulk if you already have other figures of your own, as that will allow you to use them as complements to your figurine spine and not as your base figures.
  • Unwanted Duplicates – Most of the duplicates that you’ll buy when getting a D&D miniatures bulk will often be useful to your games. However, you’ll struggle to fit some of the figures into your D&D campaigns and some of the duplicates will likely remain unused. Look at the bright side, though: at least you’ll have spares!
  • Painting Required – Getting cheap D&D miniatures bulk will likely mean that you’ll have to paint the figures yourself. It’s not the end of the world and it can even be really fun if you’re like us (painting could be way more fun than playing – don’t you agree?) but those looking to dive straight into the action may not be the biggest of fans of figurine painting!

D&D Miniature Bulk Essentials

Getting a set of miniatures, or even owning a huge collection, is one thing. However, that’s not enough for you to feel truly immersed in a D&D campaign. There are extra items that you can get which will not only make your campaigns feel more real, but also help you get better organized and even save more money in the long run.

Let’s take a look at 4 fundamental additions that you will need at some point if you’re looking to become a Dungeon Master!

Gaming Mats

Gaming mats play a fundamental role in bringing your adventure to life. They’re inexpensive and, should you buy a good one, it’s likely that it’ll last for a long time. You can get one to start and then add more of them to your collection, since each mat is basically a new scenario in which to develop your campaigns.

Should you combine mats with different characters and new environmental items and miniatures, the levels of immersion that your adventures will reach is going to be simply astronomical. Save up some of your budget to buy some gaming mats – we promise you won’t regret it. Check out how to get the best gaming mats for your D&D campaigns.

Environmental Items

Whenever we think of miniatures, the first things that come to mind are character items. However, there are other types of miniatures that you can buy (or craft yourself, if you wish) that will make a world of difference when it comes to crafting a more immersive campaign alongside your newly-bought D&D miniature bulk sets.

These items, which are nothing but trees, bushes, rocks, or even miniature houses, will bring your campaigns to a whole other level and will give dungeon masters plenty of new tools to fuel their imaginary arsenal.

The beauty of environmental items is that you don’t even need to buy them if you’re on a budget after having bought your cheap D&D bulk miniatures. You can craft them with items found at home, or even use what nature offers. Rocks are everywhere, after all!

Miniature Storage

If you’re made good use of our guide, then there’s a good chance that you’re close to being the proud owner of quite an extensive set of miniatures – especially if you already had a D&D miniature collection to begin with. However, with more creatures set to join your fantasy armies, there’s a good chance that you’ll need a better way to store those little guys.

Worry not – sorting out your storage issues is not actually as expensive as it may seem.

Check out this complete guide to miniature storage and add some of those beautiful boxes to make the best of your available space to properly store your D&D miniatures. You’ll need a fair few if you’re buying D&D miniatures bulk, but don’t worry: some of the options we give you are quite inexpensive.

Your Own 3D Printer

If you’re not on such a tight budget, then we fully recommend you purchase your own 3D printer. They are currently not as inexpensive as they will be in the future, but since you’re printing miniatures, then you don’t really need to spend as much money as you may think.

Besides, buying your own 3D printer is quite a hefty expense, but it will save you a lot of money in the future. Plus, you’ll get to create and print your own little guys, which will help you to customize your armies without having to spend $10+ per figure!

Check out a great guide for the best 3D printer for miniatures.

Where Else Can I Buy D&D Miniature Bulk Sets?

We’ve already talked about some of the best sets that you can get for a reduced sum of money, but we know that some buyers are looking for more options. The quality of non-painted sets, albeit quite good for the price, is also limited.

Some of the sites that we recommend here are great for any type of D&D miniature addition that your collection requires. It doesn’t matter if you want to add quality or quantity to your set of figurines – you’ll find what you need to make your collection grow thanks to these renowned sites. Choose wisely!

eM4 Miniatures

Do you need to add pre-painted, high-quality, and inexpensive miniatures to your collection? If so, then do it at eM4. Few sites offer such great prices for cheap D&D miniatures bulk buyers. Painting is part of the fun, but if you want to skip that step and those grey-ish tones look dull to you, then go ahead and check out this website’s collections.

eM4 also offers cheap figures that you can buy individually if you’re done with your bulk buys, too. You can also buy multiple sets from a plethora of fantasy universes, so options are as aplenty as they come.

Check out the site: https://em4miniatures.com/pages/miniatures

Miniature Market

We know that this article is about buying D&D miniatures in bulk, but we can’t help but recommend Miniature Market for almost literally any popular miniature game on the planet. They offer high-end products at lower-than-retail prices, as well as multiple types of miniatures that would sit well on the fanciest collections out there.

Browse through the “D&D Collector Series” and “Premium Editions” to find out just how many miniatures they have in store for you. Buy packs of 5+ figures or get them individually – the most important thing is that you’ll be able to add quality, as well as quantity, to your collection.

Check out the site here: https://www.miniaturemarket.com/table-top-miniatures.html


In need of beautifully crafted miniatures but you lack the tools to print them yourself? Perhaps you don’t know where to find specific 3D models to make your collection grow in quality? It’s okay, that’s what the Darksword miniature market is here for.

This website allows you to browse through multiple collections and combine multiple fantasy realities into one thanks to its availability of George R.R. Martin, Easley, and Caldwell miniatures, as well as miniatures inspired by the characters of countless other fantasy authors.

Perhaps these miniatures are a tad more expensive than your average bulk sets, but if you have the budget, there’s no better place to get these quasi-pieces of art than Darksword.

Check out the site here: https://www.darkswordminiatures.com/shop/index.php/miniatures.html


Sometimes high-quality miniature bulks are simply not enough to calm your thirst for new NPCs, or maybe you need some more detailed figures to pack up your collection with heroes for your adventures.

Heroforge is one of the biggest miniature websites that D&D fans use to grow their collections. Although this isn’t a site that we would recommend you to visit if you’re buying in bulk, it is an ideal marketplace for those looking to create custom miniatures.

We recommend this website to complement your bulks of miniatures and to add new potentially player-controlled figurines to your fine collection of D&D miniatures.

Check out the site here: https://www.heroforge.com/

Buying D&D Miniatures in Bulk, is it Worth it?

Buying miniatures in bulk is a fantastic idea if you’re looking to get a whole bunch of new figures yet you lack the time or money to buy them individually. Even though bulks of figures are unlikely to get you high-quality members to your permanent party of most-used figurines, buying D&D miniatures in bulk will allow you to add new NPCs in the dozens to your adventures.

If you’re on a budget and in need of adding new figures to your collection or you simply need to fill up the NPC spaces that your dungeon master needs require, then you’ll want to buy figures in bulk. Not only are they worth it, but cheap D&D miniatures bulk purchases are life-savers!


Can You Play D&D with Miniatures?

You can play Dungeons and Dragons with miniatures, whether they’re specifically crafted for the game or used for other games instead. Your imagination plays the most important part – miniatures just help you bring it to life.

What Can I Use Instead of Miniatures?

You can play Dungeons and Dragons with candy pieces, cardboard chits, Legos, board game pieces of other games, or even with grain. It doesn’t matter if you can’t afford to bulk D&D miniatures, you’ll still be able to play.  

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