The Dungeon Rats is a place where the love of Dungeons and Dragons meets creativity! I aim to provide grounded and tried and true insight into all things D&D. This blog will offer a wide variety of content that focuses on expanding your knowledge about D&D and bringing new, creative ideas to your table!

I am committed to crafting creative insights and ideas, product reviews, and valuable guides that will benefit like-minded readers and Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts.

The Dungeon Rats was created by myself (Jake) who enjoys dungeons and dragons, other TTRPGS, 3D printing, and miniatures. I fully understand challenges and turn ideas and insight into solutions for players and DM’s alike through my helpful blog. I eat, sleep and breathe D&D! 

The Dungeon Rats has experienced and passionate writers that creatively head into the abyss to review and test all-things D&D. We set the pace while others follow.

Trust is the hallmark of excellence so, at The Dungeon Rats, We dig deep into the nitty-gritty, uncovering the most vital information that keeps you connected to the world’s best role-playing game!

– Jake

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