Top 5 D&D Battle Mats – Which is Best?

In our modern world, there are many great resources for Dungeon masters and players to utilize for their different campaigns. If you and your table are meeting in person, one of the best table tools is a battle mat.

Battle mats help you and your players visualize the fighting grounds. Not only are they great ways to measure distance for spell and weapon ranges, but they are a great way to display your D&D miniatures and terrain and other set pieces. They are a perfect final touch for your table and will take your story to the next level!

The market is flooded with all kinds of battle mats that you can purchase. Since there are so many, it can be hard to know where to start. Have no fear, this guide will help get you started and introduce you to the best gaming mats on the market!

Top 5 Best D&D Battle Mats

Best DND Battle Mats

These are our top five D&D Battle Mats for the modern Dungeon Master!

  1. Forged Dice Co
  2. Roll 4 Initiative Dry Erase Dungeon Tiles
  3. Melee Mats 3-Pack Double-Sided Mats
  4. Stratagem Open Field Terrain Mat
  5. TIDYBOSS 3-Pack Double-Sided Battle Mats

All of these battle mat brands have been personally tested, durable, and have a wide variety of applications. They can be used by any table and can be adapted to any campaign setting. Any of these will be a welcome addition to your table, but let’s break down why each one is good in its own special way.

Best Budget Choice: Forged Dice Co. Dry Erase Battle Board

Forged Dice Co. Dry Erase Battle Board with Grid and Hex Map Pattern - Gameboard Only Edition - Compatible with D&D RPG Games for use as a Game Mat, DND Mat, Battle Mat, or Dungeons and Dragons Board

The best budget choice on our list is the Forged Dice Co. Dry Erase Battle Board. These boards are inexpensive, reusable, and can be changed to fit any setting. However, they do not have scenery backgrounds and dry erase mats can have lower durability after many months of use.


This choice is a great pick since it is a four-pack. You could connect the different mats and make a much larger picture. This is perfect if you want to have a complicated battleground that doesn’t fit other map options. You can also arrange them in whatever way you’d like.

The dry erase system means you can completely customize the map to fit your needs. No matter if you need a wizard tower or a complicated battlefield, you can draw a new scene onto the grids.

Finally, these mats are inexpensive and can be easily replaced. At under $30 for the pack of four, they are an excellent choice for the DM on a budget. With the proper maintenance, you can make these dry-erase battle mats last the length of a campaign.


There are two major drawbacks to this choice though.

Number one is the style of the mats. They are simple grids with little to no background designs. They are uncomplicated and plain, which isn’t always bad. However, if you want to take the immersion to the next level, you need a mat to reflect your setting.

This also means that a DM will need to be a good artist if they want to show off their setting accurately. Not every DM has those skills, so if you aren’t artistically gifted, you may want to look at other, predesigned options.

The second flaw is that wargaming mats are particularly susceptible to damage and visible aging. If you scratch them, the dry erase marker ink will get stuck in the cracks. This can create unappealing visual flaws down the line that may even lead to an unreadable D&D grid mat.

You should also be careful when using mini-figures on these mats since they could also scratch the surface. To protect your boards, you can put foam or felt pads on the bottom of your minis and then use them.

Best Choice For Dungeons: Roll 4 Initiative Dry Erase Dungeon Tiles

Dry Erase Dungeon Tiles, Set of 36 Five-inch Interlocking Squares for Role-Playing and Miniature Tabletop Games

If you are looking for an expensive battle mat that will take you and your campaign to the next level, this is the battle mat for you! The Roll 4 Initiative Dry Erase Dungeon Tiles are unique, dynamic, and best of all, it has a lower cost than you might expect!


There are so many pros to these tiles and that is why we consider this our high-value choice! These boards are unique and a great conversation starter, but they also have practical uses.

DMs often struggle to find ways to use the fog of war to keep their dungeons secret. This paneled battle mat solves that. All you need to do is keep the prepared tiles set aside and you can add them to the board as your players explore!

Not only that, but this tabletop gaming mat is dry-erasable and can be modified at any time for your setting. This makes cleaning up a breeze! Simply use the included spray over your drawings and then wipe clean.


While this is a less expensive option, this tile pack only has four pieces. If you want to build much larger mats, you’ll need to invest in more than one pack and may need as many as 16. This is no small investment, and you need to be ready to make it when using these tiles.

Additionally, each tile is relatively small. If you want to create a bigger room, then you’ll have to link multiple tiles together and then add other tiles off each side of it. You’ll need a lot of tiles to create a full table spread for your players.

Not only that, but these tiles are simple grids like the other dry erase options above. If you are artistically challenged, this is not the game mat for you. The lack of designs will offer little support, especially if you want a starting point to draw from.

Our Other Picks

If none of the above three-strike your fancy, our other three picks for the best wargaming mats might fit your needs better! Each of them measures up well against the other options here, they aren’t too expensive and have all kinds of unique features that have earned them a place on our list.

Melee Mats 3-Pack Double-Sided Mats

Battle Grid Game Mat - 3 Pack DOUBLESIDED - Portable Tabletop Role-Playing Map - Dungeons RPG Dice Dragons Starter Set - Tabletop Gaming Paper Terrain - Reusable Figure Board Game - 24 x 36

These double-sided mats are another great budget item that you can depend on for a long time. They have impressive durability and are stronger than most mats you’ll find on the market today. Couple that with their two sides and you get a great bang for your buck.

While not the most detailed images, these mats do come with scenery built-in. This includes a pirate ship, a desert, grassy fields, and water. They also come with a set of reusable stickers to create a formal set on your mat.

Stratagem Open Field Terrain Mat

Stratagem 6' x 4' Open Field Grass Terrain Neoprene Tabletop Wargaming Grass Field Battlemat with Carrying Case

This open field mat is only one design that this company offers and their mats are extra durable compared to the other options on this list. They have a similar texture to a mousepad and can be used for all kinds of different settings.

While they do not have the grid system that other mats have, they do have heavy detail and realistic images. This will give your players an unforgettable experience and encourage even more roleplaying opportunities. They can also handle more mini-figure use and will stand the test of time.

TIDYBOSS 3-Pack Double-Sided Battle Mats

Tidyboss DND Starter Set Battle Game Mat -3X Double Sided Battle Board 24x36-6 Terrains Tabletop Mat, Dry Erase Markers, Eraser, Dice and Clips -RPG Battle Terrain Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set

This set of double-sided mats is perfect for the DM with little space to store all kinds of mats. These double-sided mats come with a grid system that will make it even easier to set the scene and change it as needed.

This set is sold as a pack of three, making it a great value deal for six cool mats! Not only that but there is a set of dice included with the purchase! This is the perfect DnD battle mat kit for beginners.

How to Choose the Right D&D Battle Mat For Your Table

When choosing the best D&D battle mat, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. You need to analyze the size of your party’s set-up and what battles your group will be participating in. You should also look into battle mats that will meet your player’s needs too.


Selecting a perfect Dungeons and Dragons mat starts with knowing your setting and occasion.

If your party will be in the woods, it’s better to select a mat that is filled with trees and paths your party can explore. These will help with immersion and can give you, the DM, a place to hide encounters. This kind of visualization is so important for in-person games.

In today’s market, there are mats to fit every single setting. From the most eccentric celestial settings to the classic fantasy choices, there is a battle mat for you. Some sites will even allow you to upload your image that they can then put on a gaming mat.

Dungeon Master Flair

You might also favor dramatic reveals of new locations and battles as they happen. If this is your DMing style, you might enjoy the flexibility that tile mats give you. You can keep rooms secret until your party discovers them and then pull them out, add them to the table, and stay moving.

However, there is also something fun in bringing out a full-sized Dungeons and Dragons battle mat for your players to see. One big reveal can stun and impress your players.

Player Considerations

You should also consider your players when selecting a mat. Some players may have certain sensory issues with different materials or they may have allergies. It’s always a good idea to circle back and check with your players.

You might also have players who can help you with selecting mats. For example, if you have a player with a lot of artistic skill, they could help you draw out the battlefield on dry-erase battle mats like the ones above.

This is a perfect way to keep your players invested in your campaign, give them a chance to flex their skills, and take some work off of your plate. Dry erase battle mats also tend to be less expensive than printed mats, so you can save a little cash too!

Which Battle Mat Is Best For You?

Choosing the best battle mats for your table is important for your immersion, play experience, and measurements. They can spice up your gameplay and give your players a new way to visualize your setting. Picking the best battle mat is imperative and you are going to pay for what you get.

Overall, the best D&D gaming mat on the market today is from Frontline Gaming. Their wide selection is affordable, durable, and is a small business run by gamers, for gamers. No matter what way you look at it, this is your best choice.

D&D Battle Mats FAQ’s

How Do I Use DnD Battle Mat?

A D&D battle mat is best used during combat and other roleplay encounters when distance and attack range matter. They can also be used to set a scene for your players and give them a more immersive experience.

Do You Need a Mat for DnD?

Technically, no, you don’t need a battle mat; theater of the mind can be just as fun! However, if you are meeting in person, mats can help visualize the battlefield and make it easier for your players to understand the terrain and obstacles.

What is the Best DnD Mat?

Our picks for the best D&D mats on the market are from Frontline Gaming. These mats are affordable, durable, diverse, and have so many different designs. Any campaign can find a setting mat that they can use.

How Do You Make a DnD Battle Mat?

There are a couple of different ways that you can make a D&D battle mat for yourself. You could use graph paper or printed-out grids to design a mat. Alternatively, you could print out pictures of scenery and draw on top of those.

What Is a Tabletop Gaming Mat For?

A tabletop gaming mat is used to enhance the experience for the party members involved in the adventure! It helps visually to immerse players and get the in the heat of the battle!

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