Meet The Dungeon Rats


The gang, known as the dungeon rats, have killed. They have killed many. But most importantly, they have killed the king, queen, and likely the princess of the kingdom of Naporia. When given the option to defend themselves in front of the court of crowns, they admitted guilt. These crimes were so heinous, instead of being punished to death, they were punished to life in the endless dungeon.

That is where you come in, it is up to YOU to provide the beasts, puzzles, and encounters that keep them trapped. If you fail to challenge them, they will most certainly escape.

So far, they have proven to be a powerful foe. They have freed themselves from the holding center by dismantling the power structure of the gangs in the dungeon and befriending the evil genius Rot. Rot is a Goblin who’s evil knows no bounds…and as far as I know he is still with the party, although his body has been destroyed.

They even survived the Kobolds when they summoned Truvarous the Terrible. A horrible red dragon who captured their party member, Chad.

All that was left of Chad was his hand and Bugfly took it with her. That twisted little Darrow.

While in the endless dungeon, they met Belagard. Who’s crimes shall never be uttered aloud. He is still with them too, and adds to their enormous strength and power.

Together they defeated our best creation yet, Skeleton Gary! A giant jelly skeleton who only wanted a hug.

After the fight, Belagard went missing, but the resourceful crew found another party member named Dar-Il who is so sadistic that he put himself in the endless dungeon, simply because he wanted a challenge.

Together, they were able to swap bodies and somehow Rot possessed the hand of Chad. Rot’s body was destroyed by the evil Gilf who was jealous of his immense power.

With your help, we will find a way to keep them contained, and make them pay for what they have done to our once mighty kingdom!

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